Affordable Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Chilly Weather

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Create your cozy bedroom ideas to make a warm and snug cave on your house. You’ll run to your bed and curl yourself with thick blanket when the temperature is cold. Then you’ll brew a hot chocolate and enjoy the snow just outside the window. What a bliss in the cold season, right? Create a simple make over into your room. Use simple things and use something affordable. Actually, you don’t need to spend much. You can go all the way creating your cozy bedroom, but make sure you decide on your budget first.

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Your bed might become the snuggiest place on your bedroom, but that doesn’t mean neglecting the other elements on you bedroom. Cozy bedroom design incorporates many element of your bedroom. From bed, cabinet, colors, and flooring. You might not want to change the entire paintjob of your bedroom. Then you can fix something which could make warmer ambience, install a low powered bulb with warm light tone. That way you could get warm ambience without putting much effort. If you want to do a total make over, install woden panel as your wall. The wood is known for its warm color and really gives out warm ambience.

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Next, the flooring. Naked floor might be the coldest place on your bedroom to step on. Why don’t you put carpet on there. Your legs will really thanked you. To add more warmth, you can always double layer your carpet. Area rug is the best option as layer to your carpet. Area rug comes in lot of material with different colors and texture to mix and match. Pick the warmest one suitable for you. Choose area rugs made from cotton or you can pick a sheepskin rug which has smooth and fluffy texture with great insulation.

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Then let’s move to your slumber throne, the bed. Maybe you don’t want to change the bed, but change the bedding. The bedding should be seasonal. Means you don’t want to use thick bedding on the summer. But, we’re talking about welcoming the winter here. Cozy bedding is supposed to be warm and thick which insulate you from the cold. Pick thick blanket for your winterbed. Pick knitted blanket for ultimate warmth. Match your pillow with cuddly pillow cover. You want to put something furry for your pillow cover, go with it.

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