Spacious Cozy Living Room Ideas for Big Living Room

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Large living room could make you feel spacious with little bit of trick, you could make cozy living room ideas out of your big living room. You will never feel so cramped in a big living room. But redecorating it might pose a little bit of chalenge for you. Its unique challenge includes the high ceiling, the wide space, how to mix and match the color and style, and also about the budget. Bigger room tend to need bigger budget to redecorate.

Here are tricks to make your big living room could become cozier for you to enjoy. Cozy living room design incorporates many element to make great living room. Coziness need to be expressed by how comfortable you are on the room. The aesthetic element on your living room also play a role to create the right ambience. Placing the furniture strategically and adding decorative element also become the factor to make you comfortable in the living room.

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Why don’t you give nature’s touch into your living room? Place houseplant on pot to bring the nature out of your living room. There is nothing wrong by putting more oxygen into your living room. The high plant will fill the high ceiling on your living room. Then tweak your meeting point. The sofa arrangement could feel empty with the small coffee table because it left a noticeable and annoying gap between the sofa and the table. Try bigger coffee table. Big and upholstered coffee table is great option to change your small coffee table. Create your DIY big coffee table project to fill the gap. While you are redecorating your big living room, why don’t you make two rooms from your big living room. Two seating area will be useful when you are hosting your guest as well letting your kids playing around in the other area. Place screen or big bookshelf to part the two areas. Put some seating in both area and that way you will be easier to manage your big living room. The other room could also become your cuddly spot with your family.

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You can change the your normal sofa with cozy living room furniture such sectional sofa and even a daybed. If there is still empty space, put cabinets to show your collection of vase. If your living room has a fireplace, that makes it simpler to decide the focal point in of the living room because people tend to gather around the fire. Cover the flooring with carpet to make your feet feel warm when walking on the living room. Area rug could become great addition to make a statement about certain zone in a big room. Put area rug on the seating area so that your feel will feel warm when sitting on the couch. Layering the carpet with area rug is optional, but you can really feel warmer and cozier on the living room.

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